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My husband and I are in the process of relocating our home and studio to Stamford, England. Before leaving the United States, I worked from my home studio in Cottage Grove, Oregon, I made large mixed-media paintings using a “sense of place” as my primary theme. I am proud of a technique I developed transforming collected fabric, photographs and paper into tiles or ribbons that I use along with paint to conjure images derived from observation and feeling.  While mixed media remains an essential part of my “Branches” series, the mixed media component has shifted to the background and painting strokes are the dominant means of expression. The daily walks that I make with my husband reinforce my observation of trees and the natural world. While creating my marks on my highly personalized textured surfaces, I feel a kinship with the cave artists and every artist thereafter working to record their observations and feelings of being human in this world.

In my latest series, "First Nudes", I continue to explore the relationship of traditional painting practice and the use of my strips as counterpoint, to say two or more things at once comprehensively, like in music. Besides "place", ideas I am expressing in the series of twelve nudes are summer, transformation, waiting, vulnerability, first times and last times.


Recent Exhibition History

2016    Au Naturel International Juried Exhibition, CCC Royal Nebeker Gallery, Astoria, Oregon

                 "View Through", mixed media painting on canvas, GIFT OF THE ARTIST

2015    Mayor's Art Show, Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

              "Cries and Whispers", mixed media painting on canvas, "Best of Show", SOLD

2015    Salida Public Library "Under the Surface" juried show, Salida, Colorado

              "Valley Sonata", newsprint (Mountain Mail) and acrylic on canvas, SOLD

2015    Artworks Northwest, Umpqua Valley Arts Association, Roseburg, Oregon

               "Apple Blossom, Blue Sky", mixed media painting on canvas, SOLD

2013    Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition at Sanchez Art Center; Pacifica, California

               "Red Sky", 3-panel mixed media painting, SOLD

2013    West Coast Biennial, Juried Exhibit at Turtle Bay; Redding, California

               "Douglas-Fir Afterimage #3", 3-panel mixed media painting


Private Collections

Cottage Grove, Oregon (11)

Eugene, Oregon (2)

Roseburg, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Berthoud, Colorado

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Salida, Colorado (3)

Pacifica, California

Encinitas, California

Phoenix, Arizona

Baltimore, Maryland

New York City (2)

London, England

Geneva, Switzerland


Public Collections

Royal Nebeker Gallery, Clatsop Community College, Asotria, Oregon: "View Through"


Nice things people have said about my work

Anonymous collector in Cottage Grove, Oregon: "We just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your painting. It's a pure joy to see it hanging in our dining room.  We love it!"


Kristin Schauck, Director Royal Nebeker Gallery, about my piece "View Through': "Your painting will be a wonderful addition to our collection, and I know it will be a huge inspiration to our art students for many generations to come."


Roger Walkup, fellow artist, about my piece "View Through": "I really like your piece. ... it's a shining beacon of originality. Thanks for being you."


Moriah Rhianon Elizabeth West, fellow artist, about my series "Branches":"Throughout my life I have very very often looked at branches and felt so inspired and so utterly helpless in the face of their wild organic complexity, I can't even begin to make myself duplicate or draw tribute to them as I can with so many other things that catch my eye. Your series impresses me on a personal level."