About Julie and Brinsley 

Julie Loquidis and Brinsley Burbidge are a married artist and photographer currently in the process of relocating to Stamford (Lincolnshire, England). They made Cottage Grove and Eugene, Oregon (USA), their home for the past 8 years where Brinsley had a photography gallery and commercial studio and Julie painted, exhibited and sold paintings from her large home studio.

The couple met in Colorado. Julie, born in Minnesota, has an arts, design and business background. She has a degree in the arts and was manager of the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in the Virgin Islands. She has also been a professional horticulturist and directed an education department at a major botanic garden. Brinsley, born in England, has a PhD in botany and has had a lifetime in photography. He was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in the 80’s and served as Chairman of its Nature Photography panel. He was a co-founder of Nature Photographers Ltd, a UK based stock photographic agency. Before choosing Cottage Grove (from a list that covered three continents) as their home Julie and Brinsley designed and managed the landscape of a private island in the Caribbean. They share a deep interest in the creative process and leading an artistic lifestyle.



What is FRPS Fellowship Royal Photographic Society?

The Fellowship is the highest distinction awarded by the Royal Photographic Society (United Kingdom). It is awarded for excellence and distinguished ability, combined with originality or freshness in approach. The society has a membership of around 10,000 of whom some 836 are Fellows and able to use the letters FRPS after their name. This is made up of 653 Fellows in the UK and 183 overseas. Brinsley is one of those 183…living and working right here in Cottage Grove!


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