“More Art Everywhere: Branches in Your Not-For-Profit Space”


I am an artist working in rural Oregon in contemporary arts.  During the five years that I have been making art on a full-time basis in the Willamette Valley, I have noticed that there are not enough galleries (for-profit and not-for-profit) for artists to show their work. Another observation is that some of our shared spaces, including many office spaces (for-profit and not-for profit) could be more warm and inviting.  Influenced by the San Francisco art professional Alan Bamberger’s mantra, “More Art Everywhere”, I envision the same here in the Willamette Valley.  I propose thoughtfully hung and adequately lit original artwork by local artists on your empty not-for-profit wall.

As an incentive to get one organization on board with the idea of More Art Everywhere, I am offering six paintings from my recent series called “Branches” as a donation awarded to a not-for-profit by competition.  In doing so, I hope our combined efforts will accomplish the following:

  1. Enhance and beautify your work space;
  2. Provide a “good home” and audience for my artwork;
  3. Encourage you to eventually invite other artists to showcase their artwork in your space;
  4. Allow selling of the artwork for your fundraising purposes (see proposal guideline #5)



*the blue one is on display at Umpqua Valley Arts Association; if it sells during the month of June, I will offer a substitute.


A little bit more about me: Working from my studio in Cottage Grove, I make large mixed-media paintings using “a sense of place” as my primary theme. I am proud of a technique I developed transforming collected fabric, photographs, and paper into tiles or ribbons that I use along with paint to conjure images rich in observation and feeling. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I have been selected to show in juried exhibitions in California and Oregon, and my work is in several private collections. I share studio space with my photographer husband, Brinsley.  Our website is http://julieandbrinsley.com 


For guidelines click: proposal guidelines or request the guidelines from me:

Julie Loquidis       julieloquidis@gmail.com      541 942-9936


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