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We are moving to England and are selling most things in our apartment....

SOLD, from previous post: Sofa, Bed Set, Pair of Lamps, Wicker Dressers, Desk, Small Table, TV

...Scroll to see a few remaining items...

(and if you are interested in photography equipment- www.julieandbrinsley/equipmentsale)



Whynter Portable Air Conditioner: $125

works great, we purchased it in June for $325



Solid Beech Mission Coffee Table $40



Mirror 2Mirror 2 MirrorMirror Mirror and Stand, $45



Towel drying rackTowel drying rack Towel Rack/Dryer, $35

if you have never had one these, you do not know what your are missing!



Sentry Safe 2Sentry Safe 2

Sentry Safe 1Sentry Safe 1 Sentry Safe


Objects 70Objects 70 Kilim $200 or best offer


Objects 72Objects 72 this end has been beautifully repaired by Atiyeh Bros.

$250 or best offer