A Year and Change

the first look at an ongoing series

In the fall of 2016, Brinsley and I moved countries, uprooting this painter from a spacious studio in our home in Oregon to a temporary flat in his hometown of Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. While we continue to search for our next home (and studio), I am matching our unconventional lifestyle to the use of unconventional materials for art making. Materials includes a box-full of sentimental family-related objects that I could not leave behind in our downsize. It includes buttons I have bulk-ordered from China, small coin (read:change) from my new country, and other forms of historical currency such as beads and shells. And many pieces of roadside and field-side debris that I have collected on our many walks around Stamford.

I have spent the past month (September 2017) in our second bedroom surrounded by these materials, experimenting with various glues and simple fastening systems, trying to combine the materials in an intuitive rather than planned level. Intuition doesn't mean running with the first idea; it does mean allowing myself the freedom to try things out until it works for whatever reason that is, usually a satisfactory combination of formal concerns and thematic ones. (Of course, I aim for the BRILLIANT combination of formal and thematic expression!)

My ongoing series is titled "A Year and Change".  Alert readers will consider the possible use of mixed units. I am fond of blurring boundaries: mixing materials, units, language, syntax; overlapping or contracting time-frames; combining cultures; exploring gender boundaries.  I like to challenge myself to be inward-looking and outward-looking, autobiographical at the same time documentarian. After all, I am not the only one experiencing change this year.

Update: Early in 2018 we found a home and are currently getting all that going: the home, the garden, the mini-studio and mini-gallery. I cannot wait until I am making art again.


Two Figures, RunningTwo Figures, Running20" x 16", paper, paint and found objects on board and glass



Saw and Other Good  Luck Objects (2017)Saw and Other Good Luck Objects (2017)20" x 16", paper, paint and found objects on board and glass




Along the A1 (2017)Along the A1 (2017)20" x 16", paper, paint and found objects on board




Red (2017)Red (2017)22" x 18", paper, paint and found objects on board




Clean for The Queen 1 (2017)Clean for The Queen 1 (2017)11" x 9", paint and found objects on board




Clean for the Queen 2 (2017)Clean for the Queen 2 (2017)14" x 9" oval, found objects on board