Request for Proposals Guidelines

“More Art Everywhere: Branches in Your Not-For-Profit Space”


I am inviting not-for-profit organizations in the Willamette Valley (Portland to Cottage Grove) to apply for the donation of (and become the sole proprietor of) six of my paintings from the series “Branches”.  

Your one page request sent via email to Julie Loquidis, should explain:

  1. What your organization’s mission is  (I am not looking for a particular fit, although inevitably some organizations may emerge as better fits as I make the final choice);
  2. Why you would like the donation. This is a good place to mention if you intend to invite other artists to show in your space (which, incidentally, is not a requirement of this proposal, but helps).
  3. Most importantly, I need to know that you are committed to providing an adequate viewing experience for my artwork and possibly in future for work of other artists. Tell me what you have and what you will provide if awarded the series. The minimum requirements are, as in the picture in my studio:
  • Wall: 8 ft. x 35 ft. (white or other , we can discuss best choices)
  • Hanging System: Mini Rail system, ap. $600, see attachment; (also acceptable are wall mount screws to support up to 40 lbs.)
  • Lighting: track, lamp and halogen bulbs, ap. $500 (available at home improvement stores)


  1. Transportation: you will need to provide transportation of the 6 paintings (each is 6 ft. x 5 ft. x 2”) from my studio in Cottage Grove to your headquarters.
  2. Sales: the paintings are yours and you are free to sell them or auction them for fundraising purposes after a reasonable time of display. I suggest a sale price of $1500 each and I would consider your payment of 50% of sales back to me appropriate.

Timeline: I will accept proposals through June 30, 2015. As I receive proposals, I may request a follow-up phone call and site visit.  A final decision will be made by July 8, 2015.